Heartbreaking story of Hareem’s fight against Cancer

On the 13th of August 2017, Hareem Ahmed had vomited blood and was in and out of consciousness. The emergency services were informed and admitted Hareem into Queen’s Medical Centre. The doctor that reviewed Hareem’s medical records had made the assumption that Hareem had acid reflux, as the doctors suggested his health to be perfect for his age – if not better.

Whilst Hareem was admitted he underwent an Endoscopy scan which uncovered a large sized lump in his oesophagus. The doctors had informed Hareem’s family this could be cancerous. He was subjected to a CT scan which confirmed the family’s worst fear, Hareem had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, which has now spread to his gland. This came as a shock to even the doctors as they stated they’ve never experienced this in their lifetimes and is extremely rare to be diagnosed with oesophagus cancer at the age of 24.

He currently is 24 years of age, this form of cancer is extremely rare in a young adults as “less than 15% of cases are found by people younger than age 55.” We, Hareem’s brothers, are starting this GoFundMe page on his behalf to help fund for his treatment abroad at John Hopkins hospital in America. The specific treatment that we are seeking at John Hopkins hospital is Immunotherapy, which would be the most effective treatment for the cancer that he has.

Hareem had been diagnosed 6 days before his first wedding anniversary. Hareem Ahmed married on 26th of August 2016 and had dreams of having children. However, being diagnosed with cancer 6 days before your 1st wedding anniversary is heart-breaking. As you can imagine, a year prior to the diagnosis – on his wedding day, he was flooded with happiness which was amplified through his heart-warming smiley, even though he has always had that smile on his face. Despite the devistating news he was confronted with, he still smiles and laughs all the time. He’s still the same Hareem everyone knows him as; happy, cheerful and kind-hearted.

Because of this, Hareem has now been forced to put his life on hold. During these 24 years of his life, he has been working towards helping others, having a family and owning his very own business. Hareem has dreams and ambitions to pursue a career within the Business Management and Marketing sector, as this was the subject he studied whilst at University. Furthermore, Hareem firmly believes owning a business isn’t enough as helping others is his ultimate goal.

As Hareem firmly believes the family, friends and the general public will assist him in this time of need, Hareem wishes to help others through charity work once he is succesful in his battle with cancer. After being diagnosed with cancer, Hareem has stated he wishes to help those that most need it ranging from those with cancer to those that are homeless. Furthermore, he has also stated that once he recovers from this battle against cancer, he wishes to devot his life towards charity work by starting his own charity foundation and volunteering spare time in order to help those that most need it, as well as owning a business to get him by.

Hareem is a very confident and well spoken individual who aspires to achieve the best he possibly can. He has a strong state of mind and has remained strong throughout this difficult time. He is very thankful for all the support he has been receiving and also reads every comment and message. As he is currently recovering, he’s unable to respond to everyone but he does want everyone to know he is very thankful and appreciative of all the support.

We ask for your help to raise money for Hareem and the urgent treatment he requires to help get his life back on track. No amount is too small and we will forever be thankful for any help that is recieved.

Go Fund Page : https://www.gofundme.com/hareems-fight-against-cancer

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