I have a question on adultery.

I want to know what Islam says about and the punishment of committing such a sin.



The punishment for adultery is 100 lashes (of moderate intensity). If the wife was denying him his right of matrimonial relations and there was no possibility of mending ways, he was free to divorce her and marry another girl. He had no right to commit adultery because of being so aggrieved and he will be subjected to punishment according to Islamic code in an Islamic society. This punishment will be applicable only in that state where Islamic laws are recognised. No individual is authorised to execute the penalty. In addition, the punishment is executed only in case of accused being caught by the law. Even in that case, if it is proved beyond doubt that the accused had truly repented over his sin before being caught, the punishment is to be condoned. “Allah accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and repent soon afterwards; to them will Allah turn in mercy; for Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.

The penalty for adultery is not stoning to death unless he is a hardened and habitual sinner who is a perpetual disturber of peace of the society. Qur’an clearly spells out the related law; “The woman and the man guilty of unlawful sex (adultery or fornication), flog each of them with a hundred stripes; let not compassion move you in their case in a matter prescribed by Allah if ye believe in Allah and the Last day; and let a party of the believers witness their punishment”. (24:2)




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