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Jazak'Allah khairun to everyone that's set up this page, ma Shaa'Allah, it is so beneficial, may the Almighty reward all you guys immensely and keep you blessed, Ameen.

I have a question, hope you could help. A lot of people say this and that are haram because its got gelatine in it but when I read the ingredients, a majority of the time it says, gelling agent, so basically, my question is, are gelatine and gelling agent the same thing?

Hope you could help me fine out and Jazak'Allah khairun, keep up the good work




Apologies for the delay

Gelling Agent can be Halal or Haram as some have Gelatine in them but the most common suitbale for vegetrian Gelling Agent consists of Pectin and Agar and  Other Fruits. It is always best to look for ‘Suitable for Veg’ Logo and sign.

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