salam, hope u r doing good inshallah.. if any moisturizer and face wash contains alcohal and animal fat can we apply it on our face or body .. plzzzzzzzzzz reply soon … if possble with justification or reference….. this is very very important to me jazakallah



This area is very complex. Alcohol generally refers to ethyl alcohol commonly known as Ethanol, a liquid generated by the fermentation of sugars from cane, forming the intoxicating element of all fermented liquors. The chemical structure of Ethanol is C2 H5-OH. The entire alcohol family have one or more Hydroxyl OH group. Benzyl alcohol despite being part of this group is used as a preservative in baby products and can never be used to ferment liquors. There is a clear distinction between ethanol and other types of chemical alcohol, hence it would be permissible to use deodorants and shampoos containing alcohol except ethanol and the alcohol derived from grapes or dates, which is in itself Najas [impure] making the body as well as clothing impure!

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