Is Mumtaz Baby Food Halal or Haram?

Is Mumtaz Baby Food Halal or Haram?

Many have emailed us and asked about any releaible Halal baby Foods – We can recommend the following Mumtaz Baby Foods which are from Bradford and are 100% Halal and these can be food in most Supermarkets as well and even ordered online

“Mumtaz Food Industries is a leading Innovator and Manufacturer, a global force in the world’s thriving Asian food market. This has been achieved by ensuring that all our products are of the highest possible standard, in keeping with the Mumtaz® name.”

“After six years of extensive research and development Mumtaz Food Industries offers its latest and unique product halal baby food to the world.”

“Currently Mumtaz Foods Industries offers 10 exciting varieties baby foods to choose from suitable for 4 months and onwards through to 7 months and onwards, and are developing a wide range of other products catering for your baby and infant needs.”

“Mumtaz baby food products are pure halal, made with only the finest ingredients and currently have the highest recommended percentage of protein content available on today’s market.”

“All products are free from preservatives and additives and also catering for vegetarians.”

Answered By: Shaykh Asif of Halal or Haram Team

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