Halal or Haram Team investigate Subways in UK

Halal or Haram Team investigate Subways in UK

Our Verdict: Halal based on information provided – Please read below

The Meat seems to be Halal, The sauces seem to be Halal, however, the pre-cooking methods/ingredients used could be deemed as impermissable (eg: teriyaki and use of Sake (Wine)).

Subways respond to our email below:

From: mailto:roche_j@subway.com

Hi Halal or Haram Team

For the past two years, the SUBWAY restaurant chain has introduced certified Halal meats to its menu at certain locations in Europe as a way for our Muslim customers to enjoy an authentic Subway sandwich. The meats are certified by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland to have been produced according to Islamic tradition.

All other products available in the Halal Subway stores are approved by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland, whose guidelines can be found on the following web page:

islaminireland com website

In response to your specific enquiry about the Teriyaki glazing: there is indeed a small dose of Sake used during the production. However, the product was approved for consumption at our Halal locations because the cooking process reduced the alcohol content to a negligible level. Nonetheless, we are in the process of testing a new recipe for Teriyaki chicken that will eliminate the use of alcohol in the process.

The classification of food products between Halal and Haraam is particularly complex and is often left up to different interpretations. The complete list of ingredients of all Subway products is available to the public; and I attach it to this message. I would also suggest that you contact the Islamic Foundation of Ireland with questions as well as they may be better equipped to answer you.

Transparency is a priority of the Subway restaurant chain, and providing a Halal menu was done only after the explicit approval of an Islamic authority.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently,

Kind regards,

Jeremie Roche

Communications Coordinator

Subway International B.V.


Website Reference

Who certifies the Halal meat?
The Islamic Foundation of Ireland certifies all meats in the Halal stores with the exception of the Chicken Temptation which is certified by the Islamic Committee of Thailand. For further information on the certification of these meats please find the contact details below. For more information about the I.F.I. please visit their website: www.islaminireland.com
For more information about the Islamic Committee of Thailand please contact them via telephone 0-2949-4114 or via their website cpfworldwide website email; consumercenter@cpf.co.th

How do I know if a SUBWAY® store serves Halal meats?
We would like to assure you that all the meats at the “Halal” Subway stores are certified Halal meats. Ham and Bacon products have been substituted by “Turkey Ham” and “Turkey Rashers”. None of our Halal certified meats at Halal Subway stores contain pork and none of our standard meat products are being sold at Halal Subway stores. To ensure you know which stores serve Halal certified meats the participating stores display the Halal Logo on the shop front window, the menu panel and the sandwich counter. There is also a certificate of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (I.F.I.) and the Islamic committee of Thailand on display.

Our views: If you still have doubt please avoid as our job is to provide the facts. The final decision is always yours.

في امان الله

By: Shaykh Asif of Halal or Haram

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