Admin: We had the following *Shocking E-Mail* come in regarding *Halal School Lunches* and for which as you can see from the content we have kept it Anonymous for the obvious reason unless this person chooses to come forward.


(Anonymous) – Salam. First I want to say your doing a fantastic job on here.
I was wondering if you could put some information on about school dinners…. I teach in a primary school and I am really worried about the amount of Muslim children in our school who are eating school dinnehich I dont think are Halal. The ‘Halal’ dinners are cooked in the same vessels and served with the same spoons as the Haram stuff. I for example have witnessed the cook serve a pork sausage to a child and then use the same serving tongs to serve a vegetarian one. I onve had to stop the cook from giving a Muslim child a plate that had had a pork sausage on. She put the pork one on by mistake then took it off and was going to replace it with a veggie one.
The cooks and kitchen staff dont have a clue and those who do just dont care. There is so much cross-contamination goes on. I personally dont allow my children to have school dinners and I feel many other parents wouldnt either if they knew the facts. Parents are reassured that the food is Halal by school staff but this is not true. I think parents need to know the truth.

(Halal or Haram?) – “Waslam; Shocking news! I am thinking of how to give this message out though”

(Anonymous) – I know. Its a difficult subject to approach. I have brought the subjectb up with ppl at school which just resulted in them looking at me like I was an alien. I now just tend to advise any parents who ask me that there is a vegetarian option which isnt necesarily halal.

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