Further to recent communications with Millie’s Cookies, we have now sought clarification as to its contents!
We Confirm they have now added a further article on their website and also mentioned “us” on their official facebook page.

Please find their official email below:

From: Sheryl Forbes <Sheryl.Forbes@ssp.uk.com>
Date: 29 May 2013 12:16:23 BST
To: “halalorharam@suyuti.co.uk” <halalorharam@suyuti.co.uk>
Subject: Millie Cookies

Thank you for contacting the TellSSP team regarding our Millie’s Cookies products, as you may have seen we have had lots of queries relating to their suitability for Halal diets, we can confirm that we added the required information to the Millie’s Cookies website please visit http://www.milliescookies/ com/cookies-ingredients aspx for all information.

Finally thank you for taking the time to contact the TellSSP team if we can assist any further please contact us at www tellssp com


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Some of our customers have asked for more information about Halal certification of our products. Our cookies are not Halal certified by our supplier. This is because alcohol is used in some ingredients. Although it is not present in the cookie when eaten, as any alcohol evaporates when the cookies are baked, traces can be found in the recipe formulation.

By: Shaykh Asif of Halal or Haram Team

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