Wrigley’s Products 2014

Altoid™ Mints (pork gelatine)
Tunes Cherry Mint (E120)
Skittles    (E120)

Investigating Status

Starburst – Full range

Wrigley’s Reply’s as follows:

Unfortunately the information we receive from our suppliers is confidential as is our formulation therefore I’m very sorry but we are not able to disclose any details on the formulation of Starburst or which ingredients do not meet the Halal requirements. However the rest of the Starburst brand do meet the requirements.

On this basis, we cannot advise on Starburstas Wrigley’s refuse to elaborate.

The following are permissible

Chewing Gum
Wrigley’s Spearmint®
Wrigley’s Doublemint®
Juicy Fruit®
Orbit® Complete Spearmint
Orbit® Complete Peppermint
Orbit® Complete Strong Mint
Orbit® Complete Freshmint
Extra® Peppermint
Extra® Spearmint
Extra® Cool Breeze™
Extra Fire®
Extra Ice®
Airwaves® Menthol & Eucalyptus
Airwaves® Black Mint
Airwaves® Cherry Menthol

Bubble Gum
Hubba Bubba® Seriously Strawberry™
Hubba Bubba® Atomic Apple™
Hubba Bubba® Cool Cola™
Hubba Bubba® Max Sour Double Berry
Hubba Bubba® Bubble Tape® Snappy Strawberry

Extra® Mints Peppermint
Extra® Mints Cool Breeze™
Extra® Ice Mints

Extra Strawberry pellets
Extra White Bubblemint pellets
Extra Ice Peppermint pellets
Five  Electro sticks
Five Turbulence sticks
Airwaves Blackcurrant pellets
Hubba Bubba Original chunks


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