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In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Some Recommended Books in Hanafi Fiqh
The books are of three types:
1. Relating to Worship.
2. Those normally studied in traditional curriculums.
3. Reference works.

Relating to Worship:
I. Nur al-Idah – this is the main matn/text studied in fiqh of worship.
Maraqi al-Falah, is the sharh/commentary on the text. Both of these are by the same author, Imam al-Shurunbulali.
Al-Hashiya (Marginal Notes) of Imam al-Tahtawi is also important to have.
– Useful to have each of these three works separately.
– Damascus edition is the best; avoid the Beirut editions – not useful at all.
– Another edition (?) of Nur al-Idah with footnotes by: Abd al-Jalil ‘Ata and Abd al-Hamid Mahmoud, is available and good.
II. Al-Hadiyah al-Ala’aiyyah – by ‘Alaadin ibn Abidin, son of Ibn Abidin, who is the reference on fatwa in the school. Al-Hadiyah is based on his father’s work, though he differs on a few matters. The Hadiyah is a summary on the final word on worship; also has a very useful section on the fiqh of halal and haram and section on Aqidah. It was intended as a work for elementary level students.
– Damascus edition is good; look for edition with notes by Shaykh al-Burhani.
– Should be read along with Nur al-Idah.
III. Al-Halabi al-Kabir – by Shaykh Ibrahim al-Halabi. Photocopying is the only way to get a copy of this work.

Books in the Traditional Curriculum:

I. Al-Lubab fi Sharh al-Kitab – by Abd al-Ghani al-Maydani (who was a student of Ibn Abidin). This work is a sharh/commentary on Mukhtasar al-Quduri.
– Quduri is the first work studied in fiqh across all Muslim lands.
– Available editions are mediocre.
II. Al-Tas’hil al-Daruri – Mawlana ‘Ashiq al-Ilahi.
– Published by Dar al-Arqam
– Contemporary work; puts the sections of Quduri in a Q&A format.
– Indian commentaries on Quduri, some available on-line, on bookstore
– If you can read Urdu, Al-Subh al-Nuri is a good commentary.
– In Turkish, Muqaya al-Quduri is very useful.
In Arab lands:
Al-Ikhtiyar – by Imam al-Musuli; commentary on the matn of Qurduri.
– Edition by Shaykh Muhammed Adnan Darwish published by Dar al-Arqam is available.
– If you can wait, a new edition by Shaykh Su’aib al-Arna’ut is coming soon.
Related Text:
I. Fath Bab al-‘Inayah – Sharh al-Nuqaya – by Mullah Ali al-Qari.
– Published in 3 vols. by Dar al-Arqam
– Very clear, one of clearer works available
– Give legal reasoning and textual evidence
– Two editions on the market, both mediocre
III. Multaqa al-Abhur – Ibrahim al-Halabi (d.956 A.H.) is a matn. Title means the meeting of oceans. In this work, he gathered four major mutun of the mathhab, and added useful issues from other sources as well.
– Contains masa’il/issues of all four texts/matn.
– Language very clear.
– Text was used extensively in Ottoman lands; he was head teacher at Sultan Muhammed al-Fatih mosque and madrassah, which was one of the highest teaching positions in Ottoman lands.
– Has two great commentaries on it, by Shaykh Zada and Shaykh al-Haskafi (see below).
IV. Majma’ al-Anhur – Shaykh Zada
– Extremely useful, clearest commentary in Hanafi fiqh; he defines all the terms, gives examples, and clear explanation.
– Old edition is excellent; Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyah is a disaster, avoid.
– Shaykh Zada has a Hashiya on al-Baydawi’s tafsir, the scholars said, “If it wasn’t for Shaykh Zada, al-Baydawi wouldn’t have been understood.”
– Also has a commentary on Qawaid al-Irab of Ibn Hisham.
V. Al-Durr al-Muntaqa – by Shaykh al-Haskari, who is the author of al-Durr al-Mukhtar on which Ibn Abidin wrote his Hashiya.
– This commentary is the exact opposite of Shaykh Zada; he uses the most concise expressions possible. He said what counts is the weightiness of the secrets and not the size of the volumes.
– It is to 1/3 size of Shaykh Zada’s work but has two to three times as many issues.


Final work studied: Al-Hidayah – by al-Marghinani
– Called the pride of the Hanafis.
– Took 12 years to write, during which the author was constantly fasting (secretly).
– It’s only a 1000 pages, but he really distilled it; it is the culminating fruit of the Hanafi mathhab.
There are a number of important works on it; need two of them:
1. Hashiyat al-Lakhnawi.
– He explains basically just explains the text of the Hidayah without elaborations. It is very clear.
– Available in Damascus as a photocopy.

2. Fath al-Qadir – by Al-Kamal ibn al-Humam.
– The edition you want is published with two other commentaries: al-Kafiyah by al-Khawarizmi and al-‘Inayah by Akmal al-Din.
– Bulaq published this old edition – reprints are available.
– Fath al-Qadir builds on the Hidayah, doesn’t explain out the text entirely. It is the greatest, most brilliant commentary in the mathhab.
– Al-Kamal ibn al-Humam is the arguably last person agreed on in the Ummah to be a mujtahid imam; he is buried by request right next to Sidi Ibn ‘Ata’illah in Cairo.


I. Legal Dictionaries:
1. Al-Mughrib – by al-Mutarrazi, he was a student of the students of al-Zamakhshari. Very useful.
2. Tilbat al-Talabah – by Imam al-Nasafi.
– Arranged by chapters of fiqh
– Explains terms in some detail.
– Dar al-Nafa’is (Beirut?) is only one worth having – cross-references terms.
3. Al-Misbah al-Munir – by Al-Fayumi.
– Not specific to Hanafi fiqh
– General dictionary of Arabic
– Explains well, easier to understand than other Arabic/Arabic dictionaries like al-Qamus al-Muhet.
II. Hashiyat Ibn Abidin
– He is know in the Indian subcontinent as Shami
– This is the work for legal details.
– Bulaq edition is a must, its 5 vols., 6th volume is a completion and 7th are notes by al-Rafidi.

Some other recommendations:

1. Al-Durar al-Mubahah fi al-Hathir wa al-Ibahah – by al-Nahlawi
– This is available in electronic format.
– Contains the fiqh of halal and haram – he expanded the section in al-Hidayah. Very practical
– Some parts of it are translated in Reliance

2. Al-Tariqa al-Muhammadiya – by al-Birgivi.
– Translated into English and published
– Book on taqwa, defines the importance and need for taqwa and knowledge.
– Helps to map it out – lots of cross-references.
– Ulama gave a lot of attention to this work; still taught today in Turkey
– Many commentaries on it, including:
1. Al-Bariqah fi Sharh al-Tariqa – Imam al-Khadimi, in 2 big volumes.
2. Al-Hadiqah al-Nadiyah – Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi, also in 2 volumes
– Both are great commentaries; fiqh of taqwa and inward sins, very important.
3. In Arabic, two CDs to purchase:
1. al-Mawsu’ah al-Shamilah; have 980 books on it. worth getting, available free from Sidi Faraz.
2. Jami’ al-Fiqh al-Islami – produced by Harf ( in Egypt. It costs about 100$. It has about 100 books in it; all the major reference works of each mathhabs as well as biographies, dictionaries and has excellent search capabilities.
4. Awarif al-Ma’arif – by al-Suhrawardi; one of the key works in tasawuf.
5. Works of Shaykh Al-Alawi al-Makki – many available now in Ghazali bookstore.
6. Miftah al-Jannah – by Shaykh Ahmad al-Haddad; is translated but the Arabic is worth having; also available at Ghazali.

Recommended Books – given at various times

1. al-Risalah al-Qushariyah – with Hashiyat al-Arusi
2. Adab al-Ikhtilfa – Muhammed ‘Awama
3. Hayat al-Sahaba – al-Kandahlawi; 4vol edition by Dar ibn Kathir.
4. Qimat al-Zaman ‘inad al-Ulama – Shaykh Abd al-Fatah Abu Ghouda
5. Safahat min Sabr al-Ulama’ – Shaykh Abd al-Fatah Abu Ghouda.
6. Tathkirat al-Saami’ wa al-Mutakalim fi Adab al-Ilm wa al-Muta’alim – Ibn al-Jum’ah
7. Al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib – Sayyid Abbas al-Maliki/al-Makki?
8. Maraqi al-Muftah sharh Miskat al-Misbah – Mulla Ali al-Qari
9. Mufradat – Raghib al-Isfahani, Dar al-Qalam edition.
10. Al-Mar’a – Shaykh al-Bouti
11. Fiqh al-Sirah – Shaykh al-Bouti
12. Nida’ al-Muminin fil Qur’an al-Mubin – also translated by Muhtar Holland.

And Allah alone gives success.

By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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