Paprika Extract – Solvent Extraction

Yeast Extracts: Yeast 1 is autolysed using heat, the insoluble portion is extracted using centrifugation, leaving the soluble portion of the yeast.

Yeast 2  is not extracted as such and is classed as a whole autolysed yeast.  The live yeast is heated with salt so the yeast plasmolyses and then the whole mixture is dried over heated rollers.

There are no solvents or alcohols used in either process.

Based on the above information I’m not certain that we could say that this product is suitable for you; the Yeast Extracts are ok, however the Paprika Extract ingredient supplier hasn’t specifically confirmed that alcohol isn’t used only that a ‘solvent extraction’ process is used.

However, even if any alcohol was present via the Paprika Extract it would only be at an exceptionally low level (i.e. trace) in the finished product.

If alcohol is used in extraction of the seasoning extracts, it would be at trace level, which is something around 0.001 percent.

Hope this helps.

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