Dogs: What is najis about them? Do we have to wash 7 times?

As for dogs, what is najis about them is their meat and their saliva. Their hair itself is not najis even when wet.

As for 7 washings this is not obligatory in the hanafi madhab. In hanafi madhab, filth of dog is removed as any other filth. The only difference being that it is recommended to wash 7 times and it’s good if one uses dust or soap or something with it. However, these are not obligatory or emphasized in hanafi madhab. The saliva of dog is najis however it is removed as anything else is removed. If a wet dog shakes and sprays water on you, all you have to do is nothing. Why? Because their hair is not itself filthy whether they are alive or dead. So this is the ruling of dogs.

Answered By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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