The brain should not be taken for granted. Look after it through Tilaawah, fresh air, sunlight and mental exercise. Fresh wholesome food stimulates and improves brain function.

Fresh Cold-water Fish contain docosahexanoic acid (DHA). There have been over 3000 studies on the enormous benefits of fish oil for the human body, not least of which the impact these oils have on the brain.
Eggs have been shown to be an outstanding brain food due to the choline in the yolk. Children especially will benefit from eating eggs regularly.
Animal protein is important for brain function. It is the best source of Vitamin B12, without which our cognitive function seriously declines. Apart from all the other problems caused by a lack of Vitamin   B12, the brain relies heavily on B vitamins, in particular B12.
Nuts  & Seeds are wonderful lubricators of the brain. Eat the seeds rather than the oils. This is the most natural way to obtain healthy fibre, minerals, oil, and other nutrients, as the oils are extremely unstable once pressed and go rancid very quickly. ?Roasted? nuts are often deep-fried, making them lose their goodness.
Brightly coloured fruit & veg generally advertise their potent antioxidants to us. Eat a variety of ?colours? daily. These antioxidants are powerful memory boosters, enhancing memory preventing oxidation of the brain and generally improving moods.
Green foods such as watercress (reputedly a favourite of Ummul Mumineen Aishah raḍiayllāhu ?anhā), lettuce, spinach and kale are high in folic acid, known to help boost brain power.
Green Tea prevents brain oxidation ? a major cause of depression.
Water stimulates brain activity. Dehydration severely interferes with brain activity.
Things to avoid
Stress is amongst the worst interference of brain activity. Relax, be gentle and engage in remembrance of Allāh and ṣalawāt (salutations) upon His Messenger, Muhammad ṣallallāhu ?alayhi wa sallam.
Lack of sleep causes cognitive decline.
Hydrogenated Oils & Trans Fats contribute to the oxidation of the brain. They are found in vegetable oils, margarines, pastries and processed and refined foods.

High sugar intake will promote high insulin release which can have a very destructive force on the brain.  Substitute sugar with the Sunnah of honey where possible.

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