FAQs about Halal or Haram Directory & Loyalty Discount Scheme & Halal Certification

Halal or Haram Discount card gives you exclusive discounts available to members only across the UK and other parts of the World. This is not limited to Food Outlets!

Our purpose is to expose those Halal businesses which offer excellent food and service.

By paying a small fee over the year, you will save considerable amount more over the year.

Whether you are having breakfast at a cafe, lunch at a takeaway or dinner at a restaurant, the Halal or Haram Discount Card is there to help you locate your preferred choice of food. Being able to save on every occasion is the beauty of the Halal or Haram Discount Card. Fine dining is always expensive but with Halal or Haram Card you can enjoy massive savings with some of the best fine dining cuisines in the U.K.

  • What is the Halal or Haram Discount Card business criteria

    • Participating businesses must serve multiple Halal food items.
    • You must have certification or proof of Halal food stock.
    • We must have authority from the business owner to market your company.
    • You need to provide a unique discount to Halal Dining Card members (5% – 50% discounts).
    • Your business branding must be presentable.
    • Food Hygiene standard should be at a very high standard.
  • What are the benefits of being on Halal or Haram Card

    • Free advertising for all participating businesses.
    • Increase of business on your least busy days.
    • Flexibility to change your offers once every calendar month.
    • Flexibility to customise your offer to suit your business.
    • Associate with top U.K. Halal food places.
    • Customers can review your food.
    • Your business information will be displayed on a page dedicated to you. Logos, images, web link, telephone & business overview.
  • Does Halal or Haram Ltd offer Listing only?

    Yes, listings are valid annually with a gallery also!
  • Does Halal or Haram Ltd offer Halal certification

    Yes, but you will need to contact us on Asif.Iqbal@halal-or-haram.com so that we can take it further!
  • What can me, as a consumer and/or organisation do to assist Halal or Haram?

    Support the activities of Halal or Haram;
    Understand detail aspects of Halal and Haram;
    Encourage other organisations to subscribe to Halal or Haram.

    As an organisation, register with Halal or Haram and contribute constructively to the cause;
    Pass on all information to as wide a circle as possible;

    Finally, continuously support and pray for the success of Halal or Haram.

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