• Zamzam Well

    The photo shows the source of the Zamzam water within its well. The Zamzam well has provided some 4000 years of almost continuous water supply, a living miracle.

    • Ebrahim (upon him be peace) took his son Ismail (upon him be peace) and the child’s mother Hajrah (upon her be peace) to Makkah where he left them with only some water and dates as provisions. Once the provisions ran out, mother and son became thirsty and restless. Hajrah (upon her be peace) climbed up Mount Safa to see whether she could sight any people from whom she could get water. When she saw nothing, she crossed the valley and then climbed up Mount Marwah for the same reason. When she saw nothing here either, she started running from Safa to Marwah and back again in her anxiety. When she had done so seven times and was atop Mount Marwah, she heard a sound. When she returned (to where her son lay), she saw that an angel had struck his wing on the ground, causing water to gush forth from the spot. The name of the well comes from the phrase ‘Zome Zome’, meaning ‘stop flowing’, a command repeated by Hajra (upon her be peace) during her attempt to contain the spring water.
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