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Our purpose is to expose those Muslim Halal businesses which offer excellent food, products and services. By paying a small fee over the year, you will save considerable amount.

Whether you are having breakfast at a cafe, lunch at a takeaway or dinner at a restaurant, the Halal or Haram Discount Card is there to help you locate your preferred choice of food, services or products. Being able to save on every occasion is the beauty of the Halal or Haram Discount Card. Fine dining is always expensive but with Halal or Haram Discount Card you can enjoy massive savings with some of the best fine dining cuisines, services and products.

By buying 2 Halal or Haram Discount Cards so you can share with a family member, this becomes very affordable at just £50 per year, you are able to get a return on your investment simply by dining out or buying gifts for families or friends and you will receive great savings.

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