If a woman does not ever sleep with her husband, what kind of obligations and rights apply to husband.The couple have a child and sleeping in different rooms for six years. The woman not

allow the husband for second marriage too.What is the sharia ruling in such cases.


Assalamo Alaikum,
One of the rights of the husband is that he has the right to be intimate with his wife. The ahadith strongly condemn the wife if her husand wants to sleep with her but she refuses. In one hadith the angels curse her throughout the night.
Regarding second wife. The husband does not need permission from the first wife to take a second wife. If the husband is not being satisfied from his wife then he will either go for an affair or take a second wife and the first wife can’t blame him if he does this.
The best thing is to find out what the issue and try and resolve it. A happy marriage has it’s fair share or sexual activity.
May Allah bring love and happiness between you.
Halal or Haram Team
Answered by: Shaykh Rahil Mumtaz


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