Is It Haram to Use Cosmetics and Body Care Products That Contain Animal Ingredients?

The permissibility of these products would depend on whether the animal ingredients undergo an essential change. This is after knowing that the product you are using does indeed contain animal ingredients. If you are unsure of this though, the base assumption is purity.

As for products made from animal ingredients, many do undergo an essential change. Soaps and shampoos, for example, undergo drastic changes due to which the original substance does not retain any of its previous known properties. As such, it would be permissible to use these products due to the essential change animal substances undergo when these products are being formed.

If you are unsure regarding whether these body care products containing animal ingredients undergo such changes, then avoid them until you can confirm with a qualified scholar, such as the Halal Muslim Guide. There are many alternative body care products one can find that do not use animal ingredients.

Answered By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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