How Much Hair Must A Man Trim After Umrah?

Regarding not shaving the hair when ending umrah:

(a) When trimming then the sunna is to trim at least a finger-tips worth from all of ones hair.
(b) The least that is required is to trim a finger-tips worth from 1/4 of the total hair on the head. However, sufficing with that is disliked. Therefore, the better thing is to trim to the extent of a fingertip from all of ones hair.

If you look at your finger then it consists of three parts where it can be bent. The top part of the finger until the bending-part is the extent that one must minimally cut.

Practically, it is not something you need to worry too much about. The barbers in the Haram-area are aware of what to do. So you just need to tell them whether you want shaving, or trimming, and if you want trimming then you should trim from all the hair.

And Allah knows best.

Answered By: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

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